Friday, August 3, 2012

some SM related facts

I was on weibo when I discovered a whole list of SM-related facts concerning behind-the-scenes life, relationships, etc. There’s nothing too scandalous, just some little facts here and there that I think make the members of SMTOWN more human in a way. Read at your own discretion.
Also, just a few notes:

My Chinese is not exactly top-notch, so there might be some translation errors.
I’ll be posting this in parts, since the original list had 60+ facts. So look out for the next part!
Since I’m an EXO fan and this is mostly an EXO tumblr, I’ll be italicizing EXO-related facts.
These facts ARE from an online source, so it’s probably best to take some with a grain of salt.

The Facts:
EXO really likes SNSD, but their relationship does not go beyond a sunbae/hoobae relationship.
SNSD’s Seohyun has been stressed before because of the “sweet potato” coupling.
Compared to SNSD and SJ, Yunho is the nicest to his hoobaes. However, he can still be quite strict.
When Chanyeol was a trainee, he liked sneaking to the practice room to watch DBSK dance.
No one in EXO-K dares to offend or anger Kai.
A lot of Yunho’s hoobaes in SM like him (female hoobaes).
Nichkhun’s fans have went to SM before to look for Victoria.
At first, Victoria did not really like SNSD, and SNSD reciprocated this feeling. However, as time went on and they had more interactions, their relationship naturally got better.
SM had previously asked Junsu and Taeyeon to create a scandal (T/N: by scandal, I’m sure it just means relationship).
Seohyun likes guys like Changmin (though that doesn’t necessarily mean she likes Changmin in that way)
The intimate moves during Kyuhyun and Seohyun’s duet in SMTOWN were added in by themselves.
The relationship between Changmin and Kyuhyun is closer than the one between Changmin and Yunho.
Before, the relationship between Yunho and Yoochun was okay at best, not too bad. It actually got better after Yoochun left.
Ryeowook can be considered to be very close with SNSD and f(x).
When Victoria first saw Amber, she could not help but be shocked.
There are bisexual members in SM.
SNSD members have gathered before in the practice room to watch Victoria dance traditional Chinese dances.
Kim Young-min (SM’s current CEO) has talked ill of Lee Soo Man before behind his back with SM members, but those members still prefer LSM.
When SNSD experienced the Black Ocean and wanted to give up, Yunho approached them to encourage them, and told them about the hardships he had before.
Krystal once hit her classmates, who were antis of her sister.
Before whenever SNSD bumped into Jaejoong in the company, they would be afraid to look at him directly.
When Seohyun encountered difficulties, she would discuss them with Changmin.
When Yunho first met Taeyeon, he thought she was a student who had gotten lost. He even enthusiastically offered to send her home.
You cannot say you like Big Bang in front of Lee Soo Man.
Key likes discussing with f(x) which eye shadow to use.
In SM, the guy who can hold his liquor the best is Changmin. For girls, it’s Sunny.
SNSD sometimes speaks ill of Kim Young-min behind his back. Seohyun would also contribute, but she’d never admit it.
When DBSK was still five, they liked to discuss girls they liked, like Wonder Girls. Of course now they don’t anymore.
Jonghyun likes practicing shirtless in the practice room. One time, Krystal caught him and proceeded to hit him.
During DBSK’s Mirotic era, their female hoobaes in the company could not look at them the say way.

TRANS BY: Amara; lahappyvirus@tumblr


  1. i dont understand how yunho and yoochun get better after the spilt i wish but it make no logic